Party Time Inflatable LLC. requires all customers to pay a minimum of $50 deposit to hold a party date for the selection rental items. Orders larger than $400 may require up to a 50% deposit so contact our office if your event meets the criteria. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, unless otherwise determined by Party Time Inflatables LLC. if deemed an emergency or unavoidable situation. Deposits will be saved as a “rain check” available for a credit to be used within 1 year, in your name. A “rain check” is non-transferable.


Party Time Inflatables LLC. understands situations may arise which are uncontrollable for our customers. In the event you need to cancel your party, please call our office immediately. Customers may choose to cancel their event up to 48 hours prior to your schedule event and receive a “rain check” for the deposit amount or amount paid for the rental. Any customer cancelling within the 48 hour window prior to your scheduled event will not be issued a “rain check” and will forfeit the deposit amount or amount paid for the rental. At any time, Party Time Inflatables LLC. reserves to right to amend the above policy based on unforeseen circumstances.


A “rain check” is a credit issued to a customer, in their name only, for use up to 1 year of the time issued. The credit in non-transferable to another customer nor will be eligible for use after 1 year.


Party Time Inflatables LLC. reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event based on the weather forecast for your party date. Based on the following, any event may be cancelled or postponed by Party Time Inflatables LLC. or customer:
  • Winds or wind gusts at or above 15 MPH
  • Rain or precipitation at or above 50%
  • Any other hazardous weather conditions
All forecast information will be referenced according to the National Weather Service, by your zip code. At Party Time Inflatables LLC., we take your safety very seriously. If we deem conditions to be hazardous to your guests or our equipment, we will advise you to cancel or postpone your event. However, we may wait until the evening before to make a final decision based on the changes in weather for your area. If the weather develops into hazardous conditions prior to your event, there is no fee to cancel as long as you inform us before the morning of your event. In the event of weather concerns, your deposit will be saved as a “rain check” available for a credit to be used within 1 year, in your name. A “rain check” is non-transferable.


If the weather forecasted is below 50%, Party Time Inflatables LLC. will allow our customers to decide whether or not to cancel or postpone the event. Once we arrived at your event to setup the equipment you are required to make full payment regardless of use, NO REFUNDS, NO DISCOUNTS, and NO EXCEPTIONS! Party Time Inflatables LLC. sells time rented, not time used therefore if your guests only use the equipment for a small amount of time due to the weather; you are required to pay the full balance regardless.


Party Time Inflatables LLC. will not issue refunds or discounts for weather being “too hot” or “too cold” during your party. Our staff will assist you during your reservation process to help choosing which equipment is more suitable for certain types of weather but the final booking decision is the customers. Keep in mind, vinyl surfaces may become extremely hot during the summer when not rented with water usage where as the cooler months they are suitable for your kids. We value your safety so if you are concerned on which unit is best, please call our office.


Party Time Inflatables LLC. wants our customers to enjoy our rental equipment and continue to use our services time after time for their rental needs. We value your safety and that of your guests! Any event cancellations or postponements are done with the consideration of your guest’s best interest. Our staff will work together with you to determine the best course of action for any necessary changes to your party.


Party Time Inflatables LLC. only accepts methods of payment related to the type of event reserved. Due to the fact that deposits are required, they must be paid with a credit card in order to reserve your rental items. At the time of delivery, the remaining balance, if applicable, may be paid with the credit card on file, a different credit card, or cash. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS. Any entity wishing to pay with a check such as schools, churches, or businesses need to consult with our office prior to reserving.


Party Time Inflatables LLC. wants our customer to enjoy our rental equipment and by doing so we offer an extended hours option to keep the rental overnight for an additional 50% of your original purchase price. Our rental equipment may be picked up anytime the following morning as early as 6am. If our delivery crew, upon setup, deems the location to be unsecured or unsafe for any reason then we have the right to cancel your overnight service. Our staff will work together with you to make suggestions if another location would suffice better. It will be our staff’s discretion which we will discuss with our customers prior to making a decision. It is our #1 goal to make sure the kids or party guests are safe while our rental equipment is in use.


Party Time Inflatables LLC. may assess additional fees on your rented equipment based on different selections of your reservation. Any additional fees will be clearly described or displayed prior to completing payment for the reservation. In the event an additional fee is required such as setup location type, water usage, overnight rental, extended hours, two day rentals, or setup area prep time then the fees will be added to the original rental price for that rental equipment. However, there may be additional fees applied after your rental is complete for damage to our rental equipment, excessive equipment, or missing equipment. Please see our additional fees chart for more details.